Welcome to the site for the upcoming Post-digital research conference/workshop to be held at Kunshal Aarhus, 7-9 October 2013. The site contains draft texts as part of a peer review process.

VenueKunsthal Aarhus, J.M. Mørks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

Draft schedule:

MONDAY 7th Oct
09.00 Welcome and introductions
09.30 Anne Wistrup
10.00 Kieran Nolan
10.30 James Charlton
11.00 break
11.30 Winnie Soon  [peer review]
12.00 Magnus Lawrie
12.30 lunch (provided)
13.30 Annet Dekker
14.00 Eric Snodgrass
14.30 Budhaditya Chattopadhyay [peer review]
15.00 break
15.30 Robert Jackson
16.00 Jamie Allen + David Gauthier
end 16.30
17.30 dinner (provided)
Public event:
19.00 – 20.30 Florian Cramer, Alessandro Ludovico, introduced and moderated by Kristoffer Gansing.

09.00 re-edit texts following comments and discussions (1000 words), and assign tasks.
12.30 lunch (provided)
13.30 decide on structure and develop extra materials: images, other texts and collaborative writing.
17.30 dinner (provided)
Public event:
19.00 – 20.30 Søren Pold, Josephine Bosma, moderated by Annet Dekker.

09:00 Croissants and coffee at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS)
09.30 Graham Harman “Materialism is not the solution“, talk at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) / respondent Robert Jackson.
12:00 Lunch (on your own, e.g. at “Matematisk kantine“)
13.30 continue with the newspaper preparations.
18.00 deadline for newspaper / send to designer.
In coming weeks, work on longer journal articles. Journal deadlines: 01/12/13 submit full articles to this blog (4000 words); 12/12/13 deadline for reviews on this blog; 06/01/14 edited articles; 27/01/14 publication online (

Other participants includeChristian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox, Jonas Fritsch, Kristoffer Gansing, Georgios Papadopoulos, Lotte Philipsen, Bodil Marie Thomsen.

Travel: First of all, there are good connections trains of course from Berlin and Hamburg. There are two airports nearby (Aarhus and Billund) with bus services straight to the centre of the city. Train or bus from Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is ca. 3,5 hs.” is helpful when organizing journeys within Denmark.

Accommodation: Apart from any friends you may have, there are a number of places you might try: Air B&B is one option.
but other cheap hotels/hostels include City Sleep-in  or Cabinn.

Organised by:
Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox (Digital Aesthetics/Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University) + Tatiana Bazzichelli, Kristoffer Gansing (reSource transmedial culture berlin/transmediale).

DEADLINE 11.10.2013
- TEXT: Upload your text/1000 word following our vocabulary (as rtf (or doc) and txt)
- IMAGES: Upload images in .jpg – naming: surname_number e.g. charlton_1, charlton_2, etc.). James will run a script on all images that compares to the average of all images. This will change them considerably.
- CAPTIONS: If necessary, add as a separate txt file – indicating which image names they belong to (e.g. charlton_1)
- BIO: Upload as .txt document. The bio will go next to your text. Include only name + institutional affiliation or profession.
- BIBLIOGRAPHY: Insert your bibliography/list of references in the document (in dropbox folder)
- VOCABULARY/LIST:  Use Florian’s script to be found in dropbox code folder (guidelines in the file if opened as txt), and upload. You need to have a Mac OS X or Linux computer for that, and be familiar with using the command line. The list will appear alongside the article. In need of help/command line helplessness: write to Florian & he’ll do it for you.

DEADLINE 18.10.2013
- VISUALIZATIONS: Import your vocabulary/list to e.g., Excel. When imported you can select the rows and choose a chart as a visualization to play around and upload one to inspire the designer. If the import appears in two columns, change it to two columns (copy, pase special and choose ‘transpose’).
- - Your visualization will provide an inspirtion for the designer – who we are also to produce visualizations. The visualizations will appear alongside your article.
- COMMON DEFINITION (the one with the highest score) will go into the newspaper centerfold along with the average image (produced by james). The definition is accessible in the dropbox folder. You are encouraged to change the definition – but only using words from our dictionary, and keeping the text at precisely 100 words (as it is now).
- HIGHSCORE: Florian is calculating a high score for each article (the ones using our vocabulary the most gets to go first in the newspaper)
- LIST OF REFERENCES: Christian is doing a list of references with no spacing and vocabulary words highlighted

Presentation of newspaper, slot on Saturday, panel organized by Geoff & Christian
An additional workshop can be proposed (see closed discussion)
IMPORTANT: Write to Christian if you are coming, DEADLINE: 25.10.2013

Comments on newspaper process or propose an event – or self-organize a proposal for a workshop at transmediale (as Jamie suggested)


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